Printed Matter

The Sun Rises for Everyone

Series of two-color, tabloid-size Risograph prints using found images and translated text from Facebook Marketplace

“Less Artifacts” on view at Women & Their Work Gallery in September
On view at Spaces, Downtown Austin in September

Sex Work in Cyberspace


“Women’s tactics of resistance to violence and social control are admirable. Tactics of resistance help women to negotiate within the rigid confines of their social space, but they present little challenge to power and authority of sex, money, and law. The importance of hearing the multifaceted voices of women in the sex trade is…that they highlight contradictions in the micro practice of power in the everyday life.”

Lisa Sanchez, 1997

Special Request


***Special Request is a poetry book of receipt paper print outs. The project examines service industry labor meets self published art. An edition of forty-five copies, crowd funded on Kickstarter, was published in 2016.