Desire Paths ATX

“The preferred path,” desire paths reveal lapses in care and the neglect of city planners, but they also communicate the creativity, resourcefulness, and protest of the people who walk them.

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September 2019 (Ongoing)
Digital installation / geo-mapped online public photo archive

Tired Water

Tired Water… contemplates the cyclical ecologies of suffering and water. Could we understand crying as: rain, rhythm, wave, movement, a practice?

May 2019
Digital Den at West Austin Studio Tour
Glazed ceramic, digital animation, sound; 2 min.

Suspended Doorway

“Anchoring glimpses of small things, ungathered from narratives, loosened from our use: hand, chair, curve, leaf, syllable, hill, point, pieces without a body, bodies broken from sentences, not strung together, but suspended just beside the everyday into an opening, a passage into your own fragments.”

Bradley King

August 2018
Babes Fest at Motion Media Arts Center
Site-specific ; glazed ceramic, hemp twine, wooden dowel


May 2015
Doubleday Studio at Vassar College
Embroidery thread, oil paint, spray paint, canvas