Tired Water

Tired Water… contemplates the cyclical ecologies of suffering and water. Could we understand crying as: rain, rhythm, wave, movement, a practice?

May 2019
Digital Den at West Austin Studio Tour
Glazed ceramic, digital animation, sound; 2 min.

Suspended Doorway

“Anchoring glimpses of small things, ungathered from narratives, loosened from our use: hand, chair, curve, leaf, syllable, hill, point, pieces without a body, bodies broken from sentences, not strung together, but suspended just beside the everyday into an opening, a passage into your own fragments.”

Bradley King

August 2018
Babes Fest at Motion Media Arts Center
Site-specific ; glazed ceramic, hemp twine, wooden dowel


May 2015
Doubleday Studio at Vassar College
Embroidery thread, oil paint, spray paint, canvas