A catalogue of projects past…

Preparing Fire Cider

This batch of fire cider was lovingly prepared with my friend Sandy, following a fairly straightforward recipe. It’s still cooking but will very soon be strained through cheesecloth, stirred with honey, and bottled for sipping. Because it is recommended to shake the batches daily, I found it best to have them stowed in an accessibleContinue reading “Preparing Fire Cider”

Winter Gardening

We started a garden in our backyard at the beginning of September, shoveled out, spread with compost, and encircled in bamboo fencing. Our neighbors had a large tree from their yard chopped into mulch, and we were able to cover the entire plot with the most local of garden toppings. The heat of Austin summerContinue reading “Winter Gardening”

Designing & Printing Llorando Llorando

Happy Apples Press premiered this year with a book of my poems and drawings, collectively titled Llorando Llorando. I designed the front and back cover of this approximately 50 page book, letter-pressed on cotton paper. David Hockney is a constant inspiration and this book of his drawings was of great creative influence on this project.

Dyeing with Plants

I first tried natural dyeing with avocados since this dye requires very few materials and very little time to produce a lightfast, wash fast vibrant color. The pale, dusty pink came out beautifully and quickly led me towards other dye materials. Edible and Useful Plants of the Southwest Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona by DelenaContinue reading “Dyeing with Plants”

Harvesting Garlic Chives

I spent one evening in October clearing out a container bed in our patio which had been overrun with a many years old stand of garlic chives. I processed the garlic chives, washing, chopping, and wrapping them to freeze. Garlic chives are easily propagated using their rhizomes, so I broke apart each one, saving someContinue reading “Harvesting Garlic Chives”


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