Quilting a Boro-Inspired Jacket

A Craigslist free post for fabric scraps galvanized this quilted, boro-inspired cropped jacket. I drove three blocks from my house and loaded two bins of scraps and piles of burlap coffee bags into my car. At home, I washed and sorted the fabrics, realizing I had plenty of blue pieces to start this jacket. I used a vintage pattern from Austin Creative Reuse for this “Nothing To It Jacket.”

First, I put down 2.5 yards of muslin, placed a layer of cotton batting on top of that, then carefully situated all my cut pieces in a nonspecific quilt pattern. Pinning down and sewing together the three layers and all the pieces took an unbelievable amount of time, and I had to routinely persuade myself to keep working through this more grinding step. The jacket came out cozy, fashionably-fitted, and the best kind of bulky, just in time for the chilly weather here in Texas.

The burlap bags were once internationally-traveling coffee bean sacks, and still had some small stashes of raw coffee beans tucked into corners. As I was processing, cleaning, and sorting the bags, I held onto any of the beans I found and roasted them in a cast iron skillet. After 24 hours of degassing, I brewed a cup of my found coffee and was pleasantly surprised at how gaseous and bloomy the pour was!