Hand-sewn Wool Slippers

It was difficult to source the 5mm wool pieces needed for this project, but I was thrilled with the purchase I finally made from Fitz Felt. They sell 100% German-milled wool in large “scrap” rolls for a reasonable price. The company is woman-owned and has a shipping facility in NY, so these bolts arrived quickly.

“Wool felt is a natural product. The processing of wool requires very little environmental impact compared to other natural fibers or man-made fibers. Felt has a life cycle that is substantially longer than other upholstery material. And since wool felt is made of sheep’s wool and viscous staple fibers, this means that after the felt product has been used or become worn out, it can be safely disposed of as it is 100% biodegradable.” – About Felt on Fitz Felt website.

– Contrasting colors of 5mm thick wool felt
– Embroidery needle and thread
– Thimble